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Privacy policy

The freemium mobile app «Words by Farber» and the companion website «wordsbyfarber.com» (both thereafter called the game) belong to Alexander Farber (thereafter called the author), who is committed to providing an entertaining, safe and friendly service to the players.

Players agree to the privacy policy by using the game in any form.

What information is collected by the author?

For each player the first name, last name and IP address are stored in the app, in the website logfiles, in the website database, in the daily backup files and in the HTTP cookies stored in the player browser.

No payment information such as credit card numbers is being collected.

No personal information such as gender or postal addresses is being collected.

No contact information such as mail addresses or phone numbers is being collected.

How is collected information used by the author?

The collected information is used by the author to enhance the game experience for the players and to prevent abuse of the game by malicious users.

What information is shared with third parties?

The author does not disclose any information to third parties.

However the game does use third party services that may collect information.

Links to privacy policy of third party service providers used by the game:

GDPR responsible

The GDPR responsible is the author. Please contact him in case of any questions:

Alexander Farber
Prinz-Regent-Strasse 59 G
44799 Bochum

Phone: +49-176-34502544